KerryCo’s Products

Hi Everyone,

It’s Paul again from KerryCo, if you followed along from the first post “intro to KerryCo” you will know that KerryCo is a software company specialising in mobile games for iOS and Android.

But what about KerryCo’s product line?

Well currently we are excited, to introduce our product line of games for iOS and Android over the course of 2016.

Right now there are 2 games available live on the app store and google play store. I will be going to go through just 2 in this post, but stay turned on this blog to see more of our up and coming games.

1. Alley Cat

Alley Cat

Android / iOS

A game from the ages brought to life with an exciting and addictive new game play for mobiles and tablets.

If you like puzzle games, if you like physics games and if you like cats, this is pretty much the game for you. KerryCo is proud to precent an interactive and addictive puzzle game, with over 30 levels, it will keep you entertained for hours on end.

2. Raiders

Screen Shot 2016-05-14 at 10.34.23 PM

Android / iOS

Lets talk Retro, remember the old days of retro games if you do you’re as old as me or older, haha, but for those that don’t remember the good old days of Atari and the original NES, you will enjoy ¬†24 bit characters in a 8 bit world, play as 1 of 2 characters, and collect as much treasure as you can with out being hit by big¬†boulders, and just like true arcade style, the highest score wins, with endless fun.

These are just the first of our product line, plenty of exciting new products will be coming out this year and we are pleased to present and introduce the first two to all of you.

Enjoy!! more from KerryCo, exciting things are coming and I can’t wait to present them to you.


Paul Kerry

KerryCo Inc