Intro to Kerryco

k LOGOHi All,

Welcome to KerryCo Blog, lets start off by defining what KerryCo is.
KerryCo is a software company, that currently developers Mobile games for iOS and Android, as a company KerryCo is also planing to expand into desktop platforms.

Business app development is something we have as a side hobby for the business, but something we aren’t focused on at this time.

One of the main goals is to make the best games on mobile platforms that people want to play, KerryCo as a company goal is to provide awesome game play to quality games that people vote for and that people like, we put the ideas into our goals that you as our customers tell us, through social media and through this blog.

As a company we want to be the “peoples company” when it comes to games in general, only you know what you want to play or are interested in our purpose is to serve your needs and ideas and bring them to life in a game that you can play on any mobile or tablet device.

We truely believe in our company’s slogan “One Team, One Dream” as well, you all share in the development in our games, so we are all one team and we ultimately all have the game dream or goal to play great games!

I really hope you enjoy our products and support us in the future to make even better products.


Paul Kerry
CEO and Developer.
KerryCo Inc